SpineMED® Spinal Decompression: A Revolutionary Treatment


SpineMED® at Palm Beach Chiropractic and Rehabilitation: A Revolutionary Treatment for Back Pain Are you suffering from pain in your neck or back? Do you miss the quality of life that you used to have before the pain? Back pain can be debilitating and impact your daily life significantly. Traditional treatments such as medication, physical [...]

SpineMED® Spinal Decompression: A Revolutionary Treatment2023-04-13T11:11:42-04:00

Our REVIEWS Say it All!


Let me just tell you how much those incredible reviews mean to us.  WOW! We strive everyday to provide the best care and knowledge available to us.  We have no problem referring our patients out to other specialists and professions. But only ones that we trust.  You should know that the quality of care we [...]

Our REVIEWS Say it All!2022-10-18T11:56:26-04:00

We LOVE our massage patients!


Its MASSAGE TIME! We try to give back to our massage patients whenever we can.  So we thought, why not show the love this February? It is Valentine's Day after all.  And then we thought, lets take it a bit further... For the entire month of February, we will give every massage patient a discount [...]

We LOVE our massage patients!2023-03-29T12:47:31-04:00

Insurance Benefits: Use it or Lose it!


Just a reminder that as the end of the year approaches, please make sure you take advantage of all your insurance benefits! Many insurance benefits expire and reset at the end of the year. And flexible spending accounts do not roll over from year to year.  This means you can take advantage of services and [...]

Insurance Benefits: Use it or Lose it!2023-04-13T12:30:13-04:00

Thank You Letter


A thank you letter from Mrs. and Dr. Travis Lamperski to our patients.   This is a thank you! We truly appreciate your business.  As you already know, Palm Beach Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is a family business here in our hometown of Lake Worth. Most of our patients are our neighbors, friends, their families and friends; [...]

Thank You Letter2023-03-30T11:55:24-04:00

Do Cell Phones Cause Horns? And is Posture is to Blame?


Improve your posture! Excessive cell phone use causes young adults to develop huge problems with their posture. It’s not hard to argue that nearly everyone spends too much time on their cell phones. You may be familiar with the terms “text neck” or “forward head posture.”  Both related to poor posture. But have you heard [...]

Do Cell Phones Cause Horns? And is Posture is to Blame?2023-04-05T10:46:06-04:00

Staying Active Helps Low Back Pain


Back pain is more relevant the older we get. In the past, patients family doctors prescribed bed rest for low back pain. These days, treatment guidelines recommend staying active during the recovery process. Why the change? Ok, it goes like this... There are two types of muscles in the back: the superficial muscles and the [...]

Staying Active Helps Low Back Pain2023-04-10T11:40:55-04:00