A chiropractic adjustment is most commonly known. This procedure is performed by chiropractors. Otherwise known as chiropractic manipulation. The purpose is to restore mobility to joints. Both in the spine and extremities, a chiropractor manually applies a gentle force into the problem areas. Areas that have become restricted and no longer move freely are the target of a chiropractic adjustment.

Either a combination of things or a single traumatic event can cause the problem. An event like getting in and out of a car, bending over incorrectly to pick something up or rotating while picking up something. Simple repetitive stresses like driving all day, sitting at work staring at a screen, can all cause these problems conditions. Either way, one can have pain, inflammation or lessened function and ability. A series of chiropractic manipulations and other modalities restore this. Which over time, adjustments lessen the pain & stiffness, to further allow for tissue healing.

Many different types of adjustments align the spine and promote spine health. One adjustment is getting a lot of attention.  Dr. Greg Johnson has been perfecting it for over 40 years, specifically named The Ring Dinger®. Dr. Travis Lamperski is clinically trained by Dr. Greg Johnson to perform this adjustment safely and effectively.

The Ring Dinger® is a non-surgical spinal decompression adjustment that addresses the body’s Y-axis. By carefully stretching the the full spine manually, it removes pressure and compressive forces placed on the spinal structures. This includes the discs, joints & spinal nerves. Dr. Travis Lamperski is the first chiropractic physician in the state of Florida, trained by Dr. Greg Johnson, to perform this adjustment. For more information about our specialized adjustment known as The Ring Dinger® and The Johnson BioPhysics® Technique, please visit the link below to learn more.