Golf can cause many types of injuries, conservative treatment options should be the first option for many players and relief is often faster than you think.
Let’s face it, you would have to be in a good amount of pain to give up on a sport like golf, but it happens. be it your back, knees, or in some cases foot and ankle pain, anyone of these conditions can have you watching more golf than playing.  Sometimes the pain makes quitting unavoidable. If you play golf, then you know that hip mobility is an important part of your swing. This can make pain in many areas extra troublesome, potentially causing you to give up the one and only sport you love.

We can help?

Well, you don’t even have to consider such drastic measures, because chiropractic is often able to relieve the pain so you can go out on the course and get in your desired nine or eighteen holes. At Palm Beach Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Dr. Lamperski works with many different kinds of athletes, including golfers, and our success with keeping you on the course is backed up by the scientific literature.

The art of being a top golfer includes correct alignment of the pelvis, shoulders and neck in order to achieve the magic swing that takes them to the pinnacle of their class. The swing of a golfer is actually pelvic rotation which involves the lumbar spine, the sacrum and, most importantly, the sacroiliac joint.

The shoulders also swing around when the golfer rotates the pelvis, one shoulder rotating backwards with the hip and the other shoulder rotating forward in the opposite direction. At the same time, the shoulder blades, or scapulae, move also and the head turns placing pressure on the neck or cervical spine.

Many things can affect the game of golf and all of them need to be looked at carefully and treatment protocol adjusted where needed for optimal performance.

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