Hopefully everyone is sticking to their resolution!

If not maybe this will help. There are hundreds of articles out there on why people fail with their new year resolutions by February. I’m going to make this one short and sweet. The reason most of us fail at losing weight (easily the number one goal when people make resolutions) is that we don’t really take ourselves seriously when we make that goal in the first place.

Most people will say something along the lines of “this is the year!” and then promptly proceed to ignore the fact that the calendar just flipped to January. Some do make an attempt, though. Many people will go to the gym in January–it’s always crowded in January. By February it’s back to the same old familiar faces. For those people the problem is that they didn’t make a specific measurable goal, or they made too many goals and overwhelmed themselves. Humans resist change. It’s our nature. Given that nature, and given how crowded the gym is every January, I have a plan: spend the rest of this month researching how to achieve your specific measurable goal. Start implementing one small habit at a time in February (when you can have the place to yourself again). Measure your progress regularly and be mindful of any potential injuries that occur at the gym.

Staying safe while exercising at home or the gym is imperative.  Once you get hurt, you have to give yourself time to heal witch means modifying your exercises and not maximizing your workouts until you heal.  This is counterproductive.  Therefore, the number one goal is to avoid injury!

Warm up your muscles to help avoid injury. Warming up before exercise gets your blood flowing.  The easiest way to warm up is to exercise slowly for the first few minutes.  Stretching also improves flexibility to avoid injury.  Remember this is important practice to help you keep your gym goals and get healthier and happier in the process.  Remember to keep making small goals and enjoy your success. I’m here to help along the way if I can, so keep me on speed dial if you need me to help you recover from an injury and get you back on track with your goals.