A letter from Dr. and Mrs. Lamperski to our patients,
We truly appreciate your business.  As you already know, we are a family business here in our hometown of Lake Worth. Most of our patients are our neighbors, friends, their families and friends; people that help us and contribute to our community. We strive to make them feel comfortable, to help them recover from injuries, car accidents, or just maintain their fitness during athletics or pregnancies. We cant thank you enough for your loyalty. Insurance should not predict the doctors you choose, and many of you prove this time and time again. Thank you!
We want to stay a fixture in this community and continue to make a difference in those who live and work around us, and whom provide the same level generosity to us and our family. We want you to know that you are appreciated for all your kind reviews and referrals. We genuinely thank you! 
Many times throughout the year we try to give back to our patients with promotions or deals.  Please always inquire if we have a promotion that can help financially reach your health goals.  We are always happy to help. See you soon.
Dr. Travis and Shelley Lamperski