Its MASSAGE TIME! We try to give back to our massage patients whenever we can.  So we thought, why not show the love this February? It is Valentine’s Day after all.  And then we thought, lets take it a bit further… For the entire month of February, we will give every massage patient a discount on their massage visits! This is a savings of $20 off an hour massage with our incredible massage therapist, Jessica.

After a long day, a relaxing massage can help you unwind. But did you know that massages can do more than just relax your muscles? Massage therapy has been proven to help treat musculoskeletal pain, headaches, and other injuries. The balance of a chiropractic and massage can help with chronic pain. The two can complement each other very well. Before an adjustment, a massage can act like a “warm-up”. The massage will help with muscle tension and when muscle tension is released, the adjustment can last longer. When muscles are tight, they can pull joints out of alignment. A massage can address the tight muscles, where chiropractic care helps with alignment. Massage patients can concur!

We want you to take care of your body and your health and we want to help you do that whenever we can. So, massage patients need to take advantage of this limited time offer.  Massage appointments fill up fast! And then relax and enjoy.  Happy Valentines Day to our Massage Patients.

And just to update our post, we offer this amazing deal to our massage patients throughout the year! So don’t hesitate to ask when we run our special. We are happy to give our massage patients a introductory price for their first massage! Just ask!